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Village of Bayville Contact Information

You can contact Village of Bayville personnel using either their email addresses or phone numbers as shown in the table below. Titles and last names can be sorted, in either ascending or descending order, by clicking on the up and down arrows under the table heading. Village Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Sort Title Ascending Sort Title Descending
Sort Last Name Ascending Sort Title Ascending
Phone Email
Public Works-Sanitation Edward Watson 516-628-1439 x126 Send Email
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Christopher Vivona 516-628-1439 x110 Send Email
Building Department Rosalie Stalker 516-628-1439 x111 Send Email
Mayor Paul Rupp 516-628-1439 x124 Send Email
Museum David Rapelje 516-628-1720 x118 Send Email
Village Justice Anthony Perri 516-628-1410 x113 Send Email
Secretary to Board of Trustees Nikki Paris 516-628-1439 x112 Send Email
Public Works-Highway Joe Noto 516-628-1439 x125 Send Email
Board of Trustees Board Members 516-628-1439 x112 Send Email
Planning Board Georgia Giaccone 516-628-1439 x128 Send Email
Architectural Review Board Georgia Giaccone 516-628-1439 x128 Send Email
Zoning Board Georgia Giaccone 516-628-1439 x128 Send Email
Court Clerk Florence Genovese 516-628-1410 Send Email
Building Inspector Len Baron 516-628-1247 x121 Send Email
Administrator/VCT Maria Alfano-Hardy 516-628-1439 x120 Send Email
Water Department 516-628-1439 x119 Send Email
Recreation Department 516-628-1439 x116 Send Email